Web Design

Our Website Design Process

Step 1

The brainstorming phase. First we get to know your business and the vision for your website. We gather the information that you want showcased, do the keyword research for search engines and analyze your competition.

Step 2

Second, we'll wireframe your new website and create a sitemap, listing all the pages your website will contain. CSG Media will show you the design concept for your approval.

Step 3

Third, we'll get to work. Your site will become tangible as our professional team writes the code, sets up the database and content management systems, hosts, and tests your site. We'll even train you how yo use it in this phase.

Step 4
Deploy & Manage

Finally, your site will be moved online for the world to see. You site will be monitored for it's effectivenes in capturing search engine traffic and it's ability to beat its competitors. We can even help in it's continuous promotion using social media campaigns, newsletters and more.

What We Offer

A New Website

Let us create a design you can show off. A professional looking website says it all about your business.

Update Your Look

The early 2000's called and they are browsing your site. Let us help.

Add a feature

Have an idea for a feature or gadget your customers can benefit from. We can implement that for you.

Design That Markets Itself

Do your employee's sleep? What a drag. We Design your Website to grab the attention of potential customers 24 hours a day.

Responsive Design

Don't pay for 3 different web designs. Get one that changes according to the device it being viewed on.

Local to Salina, Kansas

Having a local web designer in Salina build your website means face to face interaction and a more efficient planning phase. Plus you can help our local economy grow.

Get Started

You need a web design or an improvement to your current site. Contact us now for a free meetup.