Are you a Salina, Kansas Area Business?

You know the best thing about doing business in Salina? It's our 10% discount on all services for local businesses. The reason we offer it is simple. When we support local merchants and service providers, we empower our local economy. Our choices matter, and when we choose local, our neighbors and ourselves thrive.

Consider this.

  •   For every dollar spent locally, 45% is reinvested locally vs. 15% when buying at franchises or big box stores. When you purchase web services non-locally, 0% will flow back to Salina.
  •   Buying locally builds self-reliance and creates a more independent community.
  •   Working together locally creates a more connected business community and increases the effectiveness of word of mouth business opportunities.
  •   That's why we are proud to offer a 10% discount on all CSG Media services to local businesses. We know that if we empower you with a quaility, professional web presence, we empower our city.

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